Rolling Papers- Wiz Khalifa (A Review)



and Roll Up.

Ladies and Gentleman, you are now in the realm of good weed, nameless daughters, champagne, and sleepless nights. They say the third times a charm. And with Wiz Khalifa’s third album dropping (he’s a veteran – not a rookie), you already know the fans who smoke have their medication in the air, and the fans who don’t smoke are wishing they smoked.

In the first minute of his album, listeners are lullabied and are left drowning in a syncopated tune. The keys relax the mind as the album kicks off with that good, good that the people like to hear.

A finally famous Khalifa harmonizes his opening lyrics:

    “And they say allll I rap about / is bitches and champagne / you would too if everynight / you see the same thing.”

Wiz immediately addresses the critics and haters on the opening track, “When I’m Gone.” But while Wiz takes all his money and blows it all away, we take a trip to the West Coast with the track “On My Level” ft. Too Short. Wiz is all about partying with the aide of Auto-Tune to support his raw vocals.

No surprise that the three songs, “Black & Yellow,” “Roll Up,” and “The Race” are singles that didn’t catch of the ears outside of their respective audiences.

    Black & Yellow = party, club and celebration scene.

    Roll Up = the girls who like Wiz and the girls with boyfriends who like Wiz 🙂

    The Race = Taylor Gang fans and/or Wiz Khalifa fans as early as the How Fly Mixtape.

While Khalifa lyrics are sufficient, the beats and choruses are not enough to support majority of the album. However, this may not be the fault of the young talent.

Tracks, “Cameras”, “Fly Solo” and “Star of the Show” have previously been released by the rapper or leaked out on the Internet on various mixtapes. But his finished product is different from the original tracklisting that leaked.

Appearances by Rick Ross, Big Sean, and others did not make the cut. Did these songs get put on the mixtapes? If it did, fans can rest assure that Wiz released the Cabin Fever album for the gangsters and the Rolling Papers album for the hoes (hoes in Wiz Khalifa kind of way).

But songs like “No Sleep,” Wake Up” and “Rooftops” are sure-fire Wiz status tracks.

“Rooftops” ft. Currensy is a song with Wiz and Currensy doing what they do best: balling and chilling. This song might just be the best on the album. With a nice beat, you can smoke, warm-up, shower, get dress, get fresh, or do whatever you need to do with this as background music.

It’s one of those- remember when they didn’t believe – but look where I’m at now kind of songs.

If you’re a Taylor fan, you love the album.
If you’re a new fan, you might like the album.
If you’re a hater, Wiz probably on your girlfriend’s iPod.

If you are a on the fence Wiz fan, check out his old stuff first, then judge.

From Up in the Clouds- we recommend:
buy the album
download Cabin Fever
make a playlist
drag your fav. Rolling Papers songs to playlist
just take your three fav. Cabin Fever/2011 released Wiz songs


PS- can someone please tell Wiz to dye that Amber Rose ( cough, cough) umm, blonde streak out his bush.