Real World: Episode 4

Man, oh man. This episode will make the rest of the season enjoyable although, the scenes for the next episode may even change the members in the house. Be that as it may, here’s my top ten lessons I’ve learned from this episode. Be sure to check out my co-blogger, Kate’s post as well. Last week we matched more than half of our top ten things learned .

1. EMOTIONAL CHEATING is the worst kind of cheating.

    If you think about hooking up, it is the same as hooking up.

2. Don’t obsess over a girl you barely even know.

    Simple as that.

3. If your significant other goes to Vegas, 9.998 out of 10 they will cheat or break up with you.


4. Winning isn’t the only thing that matters.
Sore losers are the worst losers, DUSTIN.

5. You can have a girlfriend and girls still won’t care.
6. Casual hookups are only cool when neither person catches feelings.

7. Don’t go searching for bad news. Don’t go through your significant other’s email, facebook, twitter, etc.
8. Goosebumps books were/are the SHIT.
9. You have to have confidence: I don’t wanna hit it – I’m gonna hit it.

10. Leroy knows all. He said the storm between Nany & Adam would come and judging by the previews of the next episode, you can bet that storm is arriving.

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