Real World: Episode 5




What the shit?

After you check out my thoughts on the “Playas Getting Played” Real World episode, it is a must you check out @MissKatieBoe’s thoughts and learnings over at her BLOG.

This episode was CRAZY. If you check out number 10 from my last post then you already know that Mr. Leroy knows all or at least he predicted the storm that was coming between Adam and Nany. And oh, did that storm come.

Below check out the top ten things I learned from this episode and a new ordering of my favorite characters at the bottom of the post. #Enjoy.

1. Always, and I mean ALWAYS respect “Man Law”

    Even though Leroy and Adam don’t get along that well, he still abides by the man law. “I’m only covering because it’s like a man law.”- Leroy

2. Ladies, there will ALWAYS be a guy who loves you for you are.

    You just really need to find that person and stop subjecting yourselves to foolish individuals.

3. Don’t lead guys on — I REPEAT: DON’T LEAD GUYS ON.

    It’s never a good idea to lead a guy on if you have no interest in pursuing anything.

4. Only under one condition is it ok to hit a woman. And that is if you are a woman and you are hitting another woman.

    Abusive relationships aren’t the way to go. 😦

5. Don’t fall for dudes who are assholes.


6. Don’t jump in one relationship to the next. TRY and be friends with a person of the opposite sex first.

7. Under no circumstances should a grownup COCK-BLOCK another grownup. You need to let other people live with their decisions.

8. Learn your alcohol limit intake. After you learn your limit, stop a few drinks before that limit is reached for maximum fun and safety.

9. Guys, don’t call a girl a bitch.

    She will turn gangster and try to beat your ass.

10. Don’t be a damn fool in Vegas.

    I think that’s the current motif throughout the season thus far.

BONUS: Don’t cry in Vegas- DO YOU (Quote from Leroy)

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