Real World: Episode 6

This was by far the best episode yet.

And not because Adam had to leave, I’m going to actually miss the dude. Nany is stupid – simple as that. I hope she turns things around for the rest of the season. AND FINALLY a season that would be pointless to watch if they didn’t have a BLACK man, bahaha.

I don’t want to spoil the episode for any who hasn’t seen it, so I’ll leave out my summary. Be sure to definitely check out @MissKatieBoe’s top ten lessons learned from this episode as well over at her BLOG 🙂

Also, don’t forget to view the favorite character list as well at the bottom of this post. Heather, a fellow Loyola alum is getting her chance at life on the Real World. Looking forward to the drama that ensues 🙂

10. Some people need to grow up.

    “You need a mom. Grow the fuck up.”- Heather WOW. There comes a point when you have to mature. Until that is realized, you’ll have a hard time becoming a functional adult

9. “Ladies, it’s ok to let someone love you”- Nany

    Although I think this girl is stupid for falling for the clown, childish guy, she has a point. Many females fall victim to being in opressive and abusive relationships. Break that cycle and let someone love you.

8. There’s no such thing as a bisexual man.

    It’s ok to love who you choose to love in life, but once a man gets with another man, he is officially gay

7. If you don’t know what sex noises sound like, chances are you’ve never had sex.

    LOL “Sexiled Island- Will you make sex noises with me?”- Mike

6. Real gentleman hide under tables.

    99.5% of the time if you ask a porn star to touch her titty/boobie/breast/jugs they will most likely say yes. Don’t hide under a table. Unless you’re a true GENTLEMAN.

5. Always back your friends even when they make stupid ass decisions.

    Even though Nany goes to get it in with Adam before he leaves Vegas, you always need support from your friends. Even if your friend dates the ugliest person or the dumbest person or the player person, you always have to be that support for your friend. EVEN WHEN YOU DISAGREE.

4. Never should you pay 100$ for wack, basic ass Nikes.

    And then complain about when you mess them up in your drunken rages.

3. Super nice guys not only finish last, they are also super awkward.

    Girls say they want a nice, gentleman guy. How about you just be satisfied with the douche bag who can look cool and hold a convo.

2. It feels good to be a baller, but the aftermath of degrading women is worst.
“It’s gotta look pretty disrpectful. Despite the fact I feel like a baller – I do feel bad.”

1. “What I do really ain’t that cool, man. It’s not so be you, man.”- LeRoy

    Getting all the biddies really ain’t that cool. I mean, it’s fun sometimes, but monogamy is looking like the way to go.

Don’t forget to check out Kate’s post to see what she came up with. As usual, she’s always got the funny lessons learned. I can’t wait to check hers out.

1. Do not try to be all “gangsta” when yelling at the large, wise black man. ;D

Heather (Cookie)