Real World: Episode 7

For Miss Katie Boe & I, this was an episode we were looking forward to since the beginning of the season.

Why? Because a fellow Loyola alum has joined the cast of Real World as a replacement for Adam for the next two months of the show.

But of course didn’t live up to my expectations by any means. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to continue watching the show with the way the girls all gossip and hate on one another. Leave that ish for high school, please.

However, I did conclude that Leroy deserves to have his own show. But check out the top ten lessons I’ve learned from this past episode and don’t forget to check out my co-blogger’s post either. I have an entirely new character list down bottom too. #Enjoy

10. If you decide you like a girl, then don’t make it awkward when another girl likes or shows interest in you.

9. All black people have had obstacles or some sort of hard times. It comes with the skin color.

8. Casual — friends with benefits — relationships don’t work.
Are you out your mind? We ain’t in no fucking relationship- Leroy

7. Don’t judge a book by its first sentence.

6. Don’t lie to yourself. Just say you’re jealous and move on.

5. Never wear clothes articles of another person. You send the wrong ideas.

4. If a girl say another girl isn’t THAT cute, then that said girl is cute.

3. Mike would whoop Zito, anyday.

2. Just because a girl is cute, does not mean you need to holler at her ASAP.

1. Don’t break up happy homes. Home-wreckers aren’t the best of people.

Order of favorite characters:
1. Leroy
2. Mike
3. Heather
4. Cooke
5. Zito
6. Naomi
7. Nany