Real World: Episode 8

A joke I heard the other day went like this: A girl posted on Facebook that she had the worst day possible. A friend comments: Oh, what happened? Is everything ok? The girl replies: It’s personal.

With that said, if you do not want the entire world to know your secret history of your gay porn adventures, do not go on MTV, the biggest music television network and influencer of popular culture.

Like all the ails in the world, we must come to terms and accept the fact that homophobia, like racism, poverty, and genocide all exist in the world. How you come to terms with that is how you define yourself. Dustin is the typical sociology example of Ervin Goffman’s front stage-back stage discovery. Front stage is what a waiter does in front of his table and backstage is what the waiters say to each other in the kitchen.

With that said, this is what I learned from this episode of Real World Vegas. I’m extremely interested in what my co-blogger, Kate says this week. I wonder if she put herself in Heather’s shoes. #Enjoy

10. Tell the truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing BUT THE TRUTH.

    No one respects a liar. If you can’t tell people the truth and resort to half-truths by having people ask you questions, then you make thing so much worst.

9. Riding on a boat with two dudes is not gay.

    If you think riding in a boat with two of your good, homophobic, God-fearing same sex friends is gay then you aren’t comfortable about your sexuality.

8. Don’t hurt someone and then rub it in their faces afterward.

    How in the lie to the girl you’re dating about doing gay porn and then go up on stage and enjoy your time on the stage with men dressed as women in drag? WILLINGLY?!?!

7. Do NOT deny what you are.

    If a man let’s another man give him oral sex or sex in general, that man must know it takes two. A guy receiving is just as guilty and gay as the guy giving it.

6. Don’t live in a house with naked dudes.

    How the fuck can you live in a house with naked dudes and NOT invite any naked women over to have a little fun with if you’re not homosexual.

5. It’s important to share and communicate in relationships.

    If you know someone is adamantly against something that you did in the past then you need to relay that information while dating. Hiding is lying. If your significant other wants to know you should be able to tell them your sexual history.

4. Don’t pass judgments.

    Whatever someone goes through, do not pass judgment. They walk this earth and battle their own trials and obstacles. Be the best YOU can be.

3. Get tested.

    It was very ‘abrasive’ for Heather to come out and ask Zito should she get checked. It was also a safe question statistically speaking. If you are sexually active with multiple partners, be safe and be in the KNOW.

2. You have options.

    You do not need to do anything you don’t want to do in this world. This is America. As Mike from the Real World tweeted: You can go to the military, job corps, community college, or whatever. If you are against something, you do not need to do it because the pay is great.

1. Don’t lose sleep over something that does not immediately affect you.

    Whether it is war, earthquakes, or whatever — these things happen. It’s how you deal with it to make your life better. So what if he did what he did. You can continue doing what you do.

PS — It’s really lovely how MTV decided to weave the story of his mom’s problems to give him a reason to explain why he did something. The negativity of the homosexual is again reinforced in the media.

OH WELL, I won’t be losing any sleep. Make sure you check out my co-blogger’s post.

Peace & Be true to yourself.