Free Write: If I

If I brought you the stars
you’d move to another galaxy

If I answered all your questions
you’d still have things to ask of me

If I brought you the sun
it still wouldn’t melt the ice in your heart

If I was everything you wanted me to be
I’d still be missing assembly parts

If words were ever said
the meaning wasn’t conveyed

If I put out food and water to nourish
you’d still somehow stay astray

If I told you I loved you
you’d fall deaf and mute

If I were a shoe
you’d give me the boot.

If I were a song
you’d change the station

If I showed you loving
you’d show me hating.

If I were a poem
you wouldn’t read between the lines

If I gave all of myself to you
you’d hesitate on being mine

If I gave you the world
it would be too small

Even if I died a lonely death
I knew life was worth it because

I gave you my all.