Relationship Advice: What If Someone Hits On Your Significant Other

The first post started with: What would you do if someone was hitting on, flirting with, or just being friends with your significant other until the relationship went sour? Here are a few responses with my thoughts at the end. #Enjoy (See you all on twitter @Mr_HIP)


ET: Carry yourself like your in competition with the masses.
CN: Tell your significant other the friendship needs to chill.
GM: Welcome confrontation.
SB: If you don’t have trust things will never be as simple as they should be.
JT: Nothing.

If someone wants on or maybe even in your significant other, let it be. Many relationships may end up in arguments or bickering because of other friends in a relationship. Let it be. As long as you and your partner are honest and open with each other – there is NOTHING to worry about. Friends are friends and if you have to ask the so-called love of your life to stop being friends with someone they consider a pal, that is neither fair to them or your relationship.

My advice: Talk it out in an orderly manner. Set some ground rules and be honest and up front. I wish you all the best with this. Keep your heads up. 🙂