Real World Vegas: Season Finale

Man, oh man! Real World in Vegas has taught me a few things. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but not when it’s filmed by MTV for the masses to enjoy. I had a great time writing about the Real World with my co-blogger Katie Boe. It was fun working with her because my own personal rants about this season didn’t make me seem like a fool. She had some of the same things majority of the time and when we disagreed, our readers shared in giggles and laughter. Don’t forget to show us some love and check out her post here –> KATIE BOE

Thank you MTV for this season of Real World. Here’s what I learned from the people on this season.

(In order from least annoying to cool):

  • Nany
  • If you love someone, you should be in love with them instead of in love with what you can do for them. I’m not knocking Nany’s relationship with Adam, but she really disappointed me this season. She taught me that if people aren’t happy in relationships, they will pursue other things. She’s taught me to always keep and make sure my girlfriend is happy. Otherwise, she could leave me for the next clown. She also (sorry to generalize) planted the seed in my mind that women like to cause or be involved in situations that easily create drama. Thanks for teaching me to remove myself from those situations. Not all pretty girls are good girls.

  • Heather
  • She didn’t really do much for me throughout the season. She taught me that I need to be open to other people’s past and present situations. I didn’t think she was a hypocrite though. She can get perfectly upset at Zito for hiding his gay porn career, but no one is allowed to get upset if she kisses another girl. WhY? because the world we live in says it’s sexually/societally ok for girl on girl action. A girl can kiss another girl and not be gay. But once a guy does it he is “gay.” Nothing against nobody, but she was the good girl of the house and thanks for reinforcing this stereotype.

  • Zito
  • If I ever want to hide a secret, I should not go on MTV because more than likely if it’s viral and on the net, that secret will get out. Don’t want people to know you did gay porn? Then don’t do gay porn. I’ve learned from Zito that in your life journey, you need to be the best YOU can be without worrying about everyone else’s points of view in the picture.

  • Adam
  • Wild the fuck out, Adam. Well, this is easy: I learned that I should not drink to the point where I can’t control myself. There will be the occasional day where I slip up and my drink catches up with me, but unlike Adam, when that day hits, I’ll need to be taking a break for the day or days to ensue. Maybe film my own version of Hangover III.

  • Naomi
  • I thought she was cool until… But anyways, she taught me to always make sure your vaginal/penis area is free from damage and clean. She also taught me that women hate and get jealous. Don’t worry, Naomi.

  • Cookie
  • Not my best of buddies from Loyola, and I’m just being honest. When I found out she would be on the show, I was excited. she’s taught me that life needs stirring up. If you want something, you have to be proactive and get it yourself whether it be money, love, friends, or someone else’s significant other.

  • Mike
  • Reminds me of my main white man, but Mike has taught me that being a player isn’t cool. I had to see it from his point of view. He really is a nice guy. He also taught me that nice guys end up finishing last too. Luckily i’ve learned that life is a marathon and not a sprint.

  • Leroy
  • I am so happy that we finally have somewhat an accurate depiction of the African-American male on television. Leroy is my nigga. I wouldn’t hang with too many celebs, but I’d hang with Lee. Lee taught me that no matter what, you gotta do you and always make sure you have a good time. He taught me to wrap up when I have sex and that it’s ok to for a man to cry sometimes. If I could shake his hand I would, but I’m glad he was on the season to make it what it was.

    I hope you enjoyed what I learned from each character. If you did, don’t forget to check out my co-blogger: Katie Boe’s post. It was a pleasure writing about Real World for everyone who read and be on the look out for more post from Me and Kate.