Hottest Rappers in the Game (As of July 2011)

Here’s a short list of the hottest rappers currently in the game. While you may disagree, these rappers have been selling albums, making music, starting labels, or going wherever the rap hustle takes them.

I’d love to hear what you think, so drop a comment and let’s have an intelligent conversation/debate.


10. J. Cole
With enough buzz generated since finally signing with Jay-Z and a released date (9/27) for his debut album, Jermaine Cole is somehow remaining afloat in the world of women&weed rap.

9. Lupe Fiasco
Last album, Lupe did numbers. Making an appearance on a few notable rappers’ albums this year gives Lupe the 9th spot.

8. Jay-Z
Teaming up with Kanye in August to release an album, Jay-Z makes the list for simply doing what he does best – HUSTLING. (The immaculate conception of rapper -slash- hustler deserves the spot)

7. Pusha T
GOOD MUSIC representer. Single-handily gave charisma and life back into the GOOD Music label with his mixtape Fear of God. Lyrics and gangster appeal, Pusha T is making a name for himself.

6. Weezy
Fresh off a bid incarcerated, Weezy is back and keeping his fans awaiting the 4th installment of Tha Carter. With teammates, Nicki and Drake, Weezy is doing his thang in 2011.

5. Big Sean
BOI!!! One of the few freshman rappers to move over 90,000 plus albums in their first week. Big Sean is carrying the weight of Def Jam and Good Music. With Finally Famous: The Album finally making an appearance, Big Sean is the best Big still living.

4. Drake
Hi, his name is Drake and once he makes a song, you can expect to hear about 15 other rappers making a remix to it. Drake is hot. Simply put, Drake makes shit hot. Drake is proving that his first year in the game was no fluke.

3. Wiz Khalifa
Applause to the man who did it himself. He made a name for himself. With no co-signs or sponsors, Wiz has blended his own, unique sound and blew smoke at the rap game. Moving over 100,000 + his first week, on top of having the baddest chick in the game, Wiz is on TOP.

2. Rick Ross
The BOSS. Fresh off an album, mixtape, and compilation with his self made/affiliated rap group, Ross is the fucking DUDE. You can hate the player or whatnot for his C/O stint, but you can’t help the game that is making him successful.

1. Kanye
Duh. No, not because I’m a fan, but Ye with the release of his last album, big deal with his GOOD Music label and Def Jam, and upcoming album with great, Jay-Z, Kanye is no doubt the hottest person in the game right now. ALL ACROSS THE BOARD.

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