SuperNegro of the Day – Barry Bonds

“The equilibrium you admire in me is an unstable one, difficult to maintain. My inner life was split early between the call of the Ancestors and the call of Europe, between the exigencies of black-African culture and those of modern life.”

    -Leopold Senghor

Photo Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Barry Bonds
762 Career Home Runs
73 Single Season Home Runs
688 Career Intentional Walks

For all the kids who’s greatness lie deep within because there was never someone to tell them be the best they could be, this post is for you. The condition of the black person is plagued by multiple identities. How he understands himself and how he is understood by the other. We find our history in the motherland Africa; however, we are stripped of that story by the Europeans. Remember, you are the offsprings of kings and queens. Never let anyone hold you back.

This installment of #SuperNegro is none other than: His another hit- Barry Bonds!!