SuperNegro of the Day – Jean Michel Basquiat

“You don’t fight racism with racism, the best way to fight racism is with solidarity.”

    -Bobby Seale

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(Basquiat looks a little like Kid Cudi #onthelow)

12/22/60 – 8/12/88
One of the premier black fine art artist
Worked alongside the great Andy Warhol.
From Brooklyn, New York
$3.3 million dollar paid for a piece of his original work.
Left over 1000 paintings & drawings after dying from a heroin overdose.

For the kid who feels like they need to do evil in order to be good, then this post is for you. Two wrongs never make a right, so when you’re put in an inferior position, remember that you have the ability to rise above hate with kindness. Basquiat struggled with his artistic integrity and life because it was hard to be accepted into a world of high art due to his skin color. Racial prejudices still did not stop his work from being accepted. Remember, they can lock your body, but never lock your soul, culture, identity, and love for what you do. Check out a few of Basquiat’s paintings below.

Enjoy this #SuperNegro post of the day. See you next week 😀

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