SuperNegro of the Day – Redd Foxx

“How can there be an American dream, when there is no unity in America. The United States is the paragon of an oxymoron.”

    – Donald Vincent, me.

One of the first black comics to perform for a white audience.
Used fame on show Sanford and Son to acquire jobs for his friends.
Movie and television star.
One word: Hilarious

For the kid who was never told you can’t and won’t be able to attain your dreams, this post is for you. The American Dream does not exist because the definition of America doesn’t exist. Moreover, the definition of the United States doesn’t exist. What does it mean to be American? To be obese? To have first world problems? To, in the words of comedian Jimmy Tingle, get upset when the price of a postage stamp goes up 2 cents? Wake up! The American Dream is used to supress the desires while at the same time exacerbating those desires. Be proud of who you are. Make sure you define yourself, that way no one can tell you your dreams can’t come true.

Today’s #SuperNegro post is for the late and great, Redd Foxx.