Smoker’s Club Tour in Boston

The Smoker’s Club Tour featuring rappers Curren$y, Big KRIT, Method Man, Roddy, Trademark the Skydiver, Rich Hill, and a slew of other artist made their last stop for the show in Boston November 23,2011 – the day before Thanksgiving.

With all the smoke in the air, I bet everyone enjoyed the munchies for Turkey Day. They didn’t call it the Smoker’s Club Tour for nothing.

Check out some of the clips from the show below. #Enjoy

See you on Twitter 😀.

The answer to his question is HELL YEAH, LOL.

And I’m looking famous

Curren$y in a cast on stage uses Smoke DZA as a crutch

Elevator Music

Limps off stage at the end of set

Moon & Stars

Touchdown, shawty

Method Man
Meth still got it.

WuTang in the place to be.

Method Man