Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Taylor Allderdice’ Review

Grade: B+

After a tumultuous release of his first major album debut, Wiz Khalifa has taken his career from Cloud 9 to Cloud 10 with the release of his new mixtape Taylor Allderdice. The Rolling Papers album wasn’t much of a fan favorite, but if you mix the 14 songs from Rolling Papers with the songs from the Cabin Fever mixtape, then you pretty much get a well-done album.

With the latest addition, Wiz puts on his team, his city, and last but definitely not least – his fiancé. This ruffles my feathers a bit because MTV ranked Wiz as this year’s 9th hottest rapper. I guess money doesn’t make you hot because Wiz raked in over 11 million dollars this past year.

Maybe if the Steelers won the Superbowl, Wiz would’ve been hotter. Maybe if he would have entered into a beef over his lady with Kanye, Wiz would’ve been hotter. Maybe if he had a co-sign like Jay-Z, Kanye, Eminem, or the MMG thugs, Wiz would’ve been hotter. But the closest thing Wiz has to a co-sign is his relationship with other weed rappers/spokespersons Snoop Dogg & Curren$y, who has helped fuel Wiz’s career with the release of the How Fly mixtape which gave Wiz his appeal after his release of Kush & Orange Juice.


But enough with the maybes. Wiz is just that talented. A sort of the young professional/average man’s Jay-Z. Wiz has Amber – Jay has Beyonce. Wiz smokes weed. Jay smokes cigars. The both wear the Mason Martin Margiela. This mixtapes speaks money. And if you aren’t getting it, Wiz can sure make you want to get some.

This album pays homage to Pittsburgh Allderdice High School where Wiz began his career peddling mixtapes throughout the school campus. Starting from where he began, this mixtape takes us to where the rapper currently is…

On the track O.N.I.F.C. (Only Nigger In First Class), he addresses the ladies on this track. You can have his life of weed, drinks, sunrises, sunsets, for one night. It’s as simple as that. The average joe can’t buy and smoke a pound of weed to the face, but Wiz can and whatever your vice is, he makes you want to do what you do the best you can do it.

“I’m just floating on this chronic, floating on this chronic, floating, floating on this chronic” is the refrain on the track Mia Wallace. But it is of course echoed throughout the mixtape on songs like Mary 3x. “All I need is Mary, Mary, Mary I ain’t fucking with no other drugs.” If you think marijuana is an actual gateway drug, Wiz shows that you can go down the wrong road if you want, but all he needs is the good-good and he’s straight.

And when his songs come on – we spending money. Well, if you have it, Wiz hopes you’re spending some funds on fun. Joining up with Juicy J, a great influence on the beat choice and style of Wiz, these songs are meant for you to act a fool. Maybe do the brake-pump dance in the middle of traffic. But he also pays respects to his team featuring the likes of Lola Monroe, the first female Taylor gang rapper and his homeboy Chevy Woods.

But to sum it all up, with the release of this mixtape Wiz is in a place where a lot of us dream of, but only few truly ever make it a reality. With one of the baddest chicks in the game, bank accounts full of money, exotic vacations and strains of marijuana, Wiz definitely makes himself a staple in the hip-hop game.

Critics only talk about his weed obsession and bar tabs; and maybe how he hasn’t really won any big awards, but there comes a time when there’s so much money in the way that he can neither be seen nor hear what they have to say.