Ads Gone Wrong: McDonald’s

Times really are changing. As technology becomes more advanced, the marketing and advertising people fall more behind in the world that they are supposed to be creating desire for. I remember when quoting in the journalism world was unethical if the quote came from Twitter. And every since the New York Times has allowed the word to be used in article, it became a legit contender in the field of social media.

The McDonald’s Blueberry Oatmeal commercial is definitely behind in terms of the techy-lingo. However, majority of consumers are behind as well, hence the notion that this may not be a bad commercial after all.

The first problem stems from the elder lady invading the early morning privacy of the younger counterpart. She says, “In my day oatmeal had two ingredients, oat & meal.”


Regardless if I thought that was funny or not, I’m sure it would amuse my grandmother and maybe cause a chuckle or two from my mom, but again – they are the regular consumers behind the Internet slang.

The elder woman in the commercial takes a picture and says, “I’ve got to blog about this.” No one has said “Blog about” since 2005-2006ish. Maybe 2008, but definitely not in 2012.

Plus, that was a pretty fast blog because in the seconds that follow, the girl says, “It’s going viral.” Here, the fine line between good commercial and bad commercial is crossed. Viral (definition by way of my MacBook): of or involving the rapid spread of information about a product or service by viral marketing techniques.

Great word choice; however, viral is also associated with virus. Virus: an infective agent that typically consists of a nucleic acid molecule in a protein coat, too small to see.

And with the low education of majority of McDonald’s consumers (not that unintelligent people eat McDonald’s), but due to the lack of efficient education and literacy in our schools, McDonald’s “In My Day” commercial below is a great way to make someone sick even before they begin to eat their breakfast.

(If video is not available, please click oatmeal picture above)