Grandma’s Basement: Poetry Performance


I must first say a very special thanks to one of the top five comedians to look out for in Boston (2013), Wes Hazard  for reaching out and inviting me to poet (perform poetry, a mix of my poetry with a dash of rap) at his third installment of Grandma’s Basement- a monthly mash-up of stand-up, skits, music, and any sort of artistic expression. This go around they had a burlesque performer (Owww. Sorry I didn’t get a pic of Karin but they are coming soon).  I had the opportunity to share the stage with some phenomenal talent. Pictures from last night are below.

Wes’ opening below: Grandma’s Basement VERSUS True Blood Season Premier, Game 5 of the NBA Finals, and Mad Men:

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Love and see you at the next event (or I might grace an open mic or two),