Open Letter to Instagram

Dear Instagram (specifically Kevin Systrom @kevin & Mike Krieger @mikeyk),

Honestly, this was almost a love note. But then it became an ode, somewhat poetic. So for the sake of the short attention spans of most people along with the fact most people don’t like to read much (and for the simple fact, you may never even read this), I will be as frank as possible.

Virginian Heffernan, Yahoo Columnist and ex-contributor to Slate and the New York Times responded to a tweet of mine about Instagram a few days ago. Prior to the tweet, I was sharing in the delight of experiencing the world through her eyes as she tested the beta Google Glasses. I tweeted her (because she’s cool and always responds):

Her response was to the following tweet:

This is where you all come in, Gram-Gram. Can I call you all that, Gram-Gram? It’s like the mother of my mother. Simply because you’re my favorite app and you nurture my life. I write this to say, I need you to be around for my children. I want them to know that I have come a long way, that hard work truly does come in handy. They can look at my Instagram account and know Daddy lived a cool life. So below, I list a few things you may want to think about as you begin to move forward into the future so you’ll be around forever. You’re sooo great, I’m already sure you’ve already begin to work on these. See you in the future updates:

  1. Favorite Section: This is important. Probably the most. I should be able to list a few of my favorite ‘Grammers’ so I don’t have to wade through the not-so advance Instagrammers. Or if I just want to see my friends’ photos. Your app wins because it’s simple. Make it simpler 🙂
  2. Expand Thumbnail: If you all could expand the thumbnails from profile photos, that would be awesome. Many times a private user will follow me and I wont’ follow back because I can’t tell who they are. I know it might be their fault for choosing a bad, let me hide pic, but make it simpler for us 🙂
  3. Keep Being Awesome: Last but definitely not least. I only have those two tid bits of advice to offer. I’ve learned a photo a day, keeps a smile on my face.

Who needs photo albums when you have Instagram? Culture and technology shall prevail. I hope you’re around for my kids to see that daddy had the coolest ‘Gram of them all 🙂 And Kevin and Mike, when you see this (if you read this far), let me know and like one of my pics, why dontcha 🙂 @Mr_Hip.

I swag; therefore, I am. Love, your biggest fan.