New Poems in Boston Poetry Magazine

Hey Folks,

I have 6 new poems available over at the Boston Poetry Magazine. With everything that’s going on in the news at the moment, they are sure to provide some solace and good humor back into the routine of your daily lives.

For my Unborn Son – a poem my students inspired after discussing the death of Trayvon Martin.

Inbetween Poems – dating in Boston.

Black Ink –  self-explanatory.

Waking from Sleep – ekphrastic poem about a painting by John Sexton.

Trio of Triolets – wrote this formal triolet piece because a special person  made me feel like I was a poet.

Blood of Christ – Religion or sex? Drunk off of love or the Lord?


See you all on Twitter 🙂 and remember if you like one, don’t be afraid to let me know.

Thanks for checking out my new poems,