New Poems in Eunoia Review

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As a poet, I try to not capitilize and take too much pride in the circumstances of others, so I decided to embark on a journey to capture the education system in impoverished areas similar to the one that I was born and raised. Very fortunate for a Private school education, my poem ‘One-Oh-One Section Eight’ touches on as my coworker put it:

“Routine, punishment, berating is not education.  It’s something else, its institutionalization, no wonder we go insane or go criminal.  It feels normal.”

Also, another poem taken from one of my raps paints a picture of what it means to grow up and see traumatizing images over and over until it is the norm. I hope you enjoy, ‘Not a King’s Dream’ which is relevant during our current events in pop culture. What would Martin Luther King say about Twerking? I think Malcolm would be all for it. Enough of me, here are the poems:

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Donald / Mr. Hip