Mr. Hip Presents: Poets House Reading

Wow. I’m thankful.

Many thanks to the poets who have read, performed, and participated in Mr. Hip Presents: Reading Series over the course of the last 12 months. Your poetry, words, and enthusiasm to poetry forever have a place in my heart. In turn, you have also made it possible for me to begin to make poetry a part of everyday lives for others to enjoy throughout the city of Boston. There’s still a long way to go.

Now, we leave Boston for our last reading of our first year to host a reading in New York City. The other day I was asked to tell a table full of poets about my reading series. One poet said: “Oh, whoa. If you’ve read there, that means you’ve made it.” There being Poets House, the July location of our reading series through their Literary Partners Program. I’m always honored and grateful.

Aside from the hippest poetry, dope music in between said poetry, giveaways, and the fact that I guarantee everyone the best and most enlightening time possible,  Poets House has a hip set up with all of the new poetry books and related texts published in the US in a single year from a wide variety of presses.

I can’t think of one reason I would not want to check out this event. Come see or meet the new favorite poet you haven’t heard of yet.

Poet Ishion Hutchinson will be joining and sharing his words virtually. Everyone on the Mr. Hip Presents teams loves his poetry so we had to make it happen somehow. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Finishing up her book tour in NYC, Leah Umansky will be reading Don Draper poems? I’ll have to host this reading wearing  a suit.  Lisa Marie Basile has new collection, APOCRYPHAL. I’ll be leaving this reading will some poems to read in traffic. Marjorie Thousand also known as President ELLA will be sure to speak words into your hearts and souls. Ian Blake’s free verse is sure to delight. Ashleigh Lambert’s poetry is so hip, you’ll be sad you only caught the live tweet version of the evening. Joe Sonnenblick is happy to be with us and we’re just as happy to have him. We’re also bringing down one of our favorite Boston performers, Jerry Fagerberg to open up the show.

This is just the poetry. The Jordan Carter Trio, our hip house band, will be taking us back to the 70s through the 90’s and even the pop jams you love the hear from the radio. They’ll also be backing the talented Deron Hogans, our musical guest for the evening from Washington, DC.

And this is hosted by Mr. Hip = Me!

NYC, we’ll be back in September. More information on that at the July 12th Poets House event. Also, we’ll be releasing our readers for our upcoming year in Boston.

Come see how we make poetry hip.

This series has changed my life. Come let me change yours.

Yours in the Poetry-Verse,

Donald Mr. Hip Vincent



P.S. Thanks to Joanna Flaminio and Charlotte Seley for making Mr. Hip Presents the best it could be. Also, special thanks and welcome to Allison Truj, our latest Hip Presenter. Without you all, there’d be no poetry to present.