Two Paintings at UFORGE Gallery: July 10th

Dearest Reader,

I am excited to share with you that I have submitted artwork to UFORGE Gallery’s July exhibit, “Identity”. UFORGE Gallery is a fine art gallery and creative space that provides non-juried group exhibits displaying artwork from artists at all levels in their career. My artwork along with many others will be on view beginning Thursday, July 10 through Sunday, August 4, 2014. The gallery is open Thursday and Friday from 5-8pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12pm-6pm. A public reception will be held on Thursday, July 10from 6-8pm. If you are in the area, please consider stopping by and viewing my work.

I have two new paintings that will be a part of the upcoming July exhibition at the UFORGE Gallery located in Jamaica Plain, Mass. The call for art submission was one that resonated deep within my poetry and crossed over into the movements of my paintbrush.

UFORGE asks artists to submit work that reflects their own identity, whether through self-portraits, emotional abstractions, political responses, or biographical musings.”

The pieces I have in this exhibit showcase my inner thoughts, my monologue with myself. We make ourselves to be who we envision. We paint ourselves in a collage of fluorescent colors; however, we are surveyed and seen through the eyes of the other. We have no control over how we are seen through another’s eyes. This is contrasted with the juxtaposition of the colors and the crude figured that is meant to be beautiful.

UFORGE also asked, “How do you define yourself? How have your experiences, struggles, and beliefs shaped you as a person, and how might you communicate that in your artwork?”

My second piece titled: ‘Many Kool-Aid Faces’ answers this question. I define myself by my past. The things that have made me, strengthened my character. I have grown up and transitioned to eating healthy, organic foods. I recently fell in love with UNCLE MATT’s Organic Juices, but I can never forget Kool-Aid. When I was young, Kool-Aid was always there for me- when friends would visit, on hot summer days, on cold summer nights: Powder. Water. Don’t forget the sugar. Well, I tried to capture the many different faces of enjoyment while drinking Kool-Aid. I am, who I was.

As always thank you for your support!

Love & Swag,

Donald – @Mr_Hip