About Me

Born and raised in the southeast quadrant of Washington, DC, I am a creative, original, and energetic poet-activist. Enjoyable to work with, combining calm demeanor with passionate personality. Animated speaker and performer. Expert organizational skills. Accomplished in launching campaigns and building start-ups. Familiar with grassroots methods as well as innovative social media. Experienced in marketing campaigns and public image. Interested in using skills for the greater good.

I graduated from Loyola University Maryland with a BA degree in Writing and Public Relations and an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College.

I run a poetry and spoken word reading series meshed with live blues and jazz music in the Boston, MA area titled: Mr. Hip Presents. Please feel free to visit the email contact button at the bottom of the page to inquire more about scheduling, reading, and/or performing.

I am the Editor-in-Chief of Write From Wrong Online Literary Magazine (I love my staff bc/ of their dedication and love of the English language). If you’re interested in becoming published- Check us out. –> www.writefromwrong.com (We are currently looking to restart our publications  starting in 2014).

My full-time and devoted energies go to being an Emergency Management Program Specialist with FEMA Region I. I am the project manager for the Student Tools for Emergency Planning program. I also serve as the webmaster for the National Preparedness Division and regional Special Emphasis Program manager. (Views expressed on this page are not those of my employer unless stated otherwise).

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I  also lecture and teach Introduction to College Writing and Research Writing  as a part of Emerson College’s award-winning First Year Writing Program.

Previous work experience includes  writing as  a stringer/staff reporter for the Boston Bulletin Newspaper for the Allston-Brighton, North End, Waterfront, and South Boston neighborhoods. My articles focused on zoning, licensing, and redevelopment issues in the city of Boston. However,  I quickly learned my way around the city of Boston with my writing adventures as a freelance writer for Patch online news.

If you enjoy lively, energetic performances, visit my poet directory page for more information. If you would like to contact me for booking, to read, plan, or host an event at your venue, please contact Joanna at Joanna@mrhippresents.com

If I had a dollar for every time I made someone laugh, then my education debt would be well paid off already. If I had a website, it would be pure dope. Straight from the heart. So sit back, open up a dictionary, and enjoy!


Mr. Hip