Poetry & Etc.

Poems appear in the following literary journals:


‘Amherst’s Aeolian Harp’ in A Might Room: A Collection of Poems Written in Emily Dickinson’s Bedroom’ (2015).

‘Tom and Jerry’ in Poetry Quarterly

’47 Percent Plus My Grandma’ in Soundings Review (Fall 2013)


‘Poet’s Portrait of Marie C. (with Audio)’ in Five 2 One Magazine

‘Watching You Watch Art (with Audio)’ in Five 2 One Magazine

*’Lucky Charm’ in Black Heart Magazine’s Best of Black Heart 10 Year Issue

‘Oxymoron #FamousPoet’ in Hobart Pulp

‘Men I’ve Slept With’ in Clarion Literary Magazine

‘Dating Advice from Married Women’ in Clarion Literary Magazine

‘Free Bird Finally Flies’ in BDCwire.com

‘One Glove’ in Citizen Brooklyn

‘Lucky Charm’ in Black Heart Magazine

‘Dear Lady Balletomanes’ in Stone Highway Review Issue 2.3: May 2013

‘For My Unborn Son’ in Boston Poetry Magazine

‘Inbetween Poems’ in Boston Poetry Magazine

‘Trio of Triolets’ in Boston Poetry Magazine

‘Blood of Christ’ in Boston Poetry Magazine

‘Waking from Sleep’ in Boston Poetry Magazine

‘Black Ink’ in Boston Poetry Magazine

‘One-Oh-One Section Eight’ in Eunoia Review

‘Not a King’s Dream’ in Eunoia Review