Tha Carter IV – Review

After last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, Lil Wayne electronically released his new album, Tha Carter IV on iTunes. For those of you who still purchase the compact disc versions, …

“Greatest Rappers: A List of the Top Rappers by Category”

This is an interesting and funny combo of the Greatest rappers at the moment including a variety of categories from the XXL class list, to the greatest fat rappers, to the greatest fast rappers, all the way to the greatest of all time.

cha-cha-cha-check it out!

Top 3 Freshman Rappers XXL Class of 2010
3. Wiz Khalifa
Biggest Buzz from an INDEPENDENT rap artist right now.
2. Big Sean
Kanye signee, but Big Sean shows why each and everytime.
1. J. Cole
Jay-Z tested, Hip-Hop-Heads approved! Never slums a rap verse and raises the bar on being a feature artist on an album song (*cough cough* “BEAUTIFUL BLISS”- Wale)

Top 3 WORST Rappers XXL Class of 2010
3. Freddie Gibbs
Wants to shed light on Gary, Indiana. Won’t do, homeboy! Michael Jackson is from that town. Pre-crack or post-crack era, you won’t sell more than 20,000 units your first week!
2. Jay Rock
I’ll take a Jay-Z quote for this one: “Ever since Snoop came through and crushed the buildings
I’m tryin to restore the feelings fuck the law keep dealing”- The West ain’t been back since!
1. OJ Da Juiceman (AYE!)
“Okay. Aye.” Enough said….
but if you gone rap about the trap and nothing but the trap, stay off the radio and stay in the trap!

Top 3 Freshman Rappers XXL Class of 2009
3. Blu
Quality OVER Quantity. Good substance and concepts. Soulful. The Everyman.
2. Wale
He’s been slumming lately, but Twitter has been barely keeping the MC afloat.
1. Kid Cudi
Numbers don’t lie. HBO Star. Over 100,000 units moved first week. Second album on the way. Life is like the label he signed to- G.O.O.D.

Top 3 Fat Rappers
3. Big Pun
“I’m not a playa, I just fuck a lot.”
2. Rick Ross
Who cares if he was a correctional officer turned rapper/actor or drug dealer or whatever. Ross slangs them lyrics like a Macintosh slings technology. I feel sorry for PC’s.
1. Notorious B.I.G.